Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We're right in the heart of Lovettsville! Small-group fitness classes are held at the Blikken Hut at 27 South Loudoun Street.

May I train with you?

If you're a woman in the Lovettsville area: yes!

What is small group training? 

Small group training combines the benefit of having your own private personal trainer with the camaraderie and accountability of having friends you regularly work out with.

How does it work?

First we meet together one-on-one to discuss your current fitness level, your goals, the types of exercises you enjoy in the gym, and the things you HATE. We’ll also identify the days, times, and frequency you are available to train. You will be grouped with  women at a similar fitness level and they will become your training pod. You’ll work out together so that you can support and encourage each other as you all work towards your goals. 


How is this different from the group workouts I’m used to?

Group classes generally follow a pre-set plan or choreography designed by the trainer. It can be great for folks who know the moves or don’t have injuries to contend with. However, if you can’t keep up, have an old knee injury that isn’t being accounted for, or don’t know how to step-ball-chain into a grapevine, you can end up frustrated and quitting or just not making progress towards your goals. In contrast, small group training allows you the benefits of an individual plan tailored to your unique needs and goals, dedicated coaching on exercise form, and modifications for your body. BUT, you still get the social aspect of working out with your friends. It’s a win-win!

Why are your sessions more expensive than yoga or zumba?

Yoga and Zumba only require a few basic pieces of equipment. I provide a large selection of dumbbells, kettlebells and bands, plus “fun” equipment like slam balls and plyo boxes. Yoga and zumba also rely on a pre-written script that each participant follows (sometimes with some small changes). In my small group training you receive personalized programming tailored just to you. These other workout types also accommodate far more students per group allowing them to charge less per person. At Wild’s Edge Fitness, groups are limited to a maximum of five participants to ensure individualized coaching.

Why should I train with you?

Because I make exercise fun! Really, it’s literally my favorite thing in the world. You might think that sounds a little strange but I routinely hear from my clients, “Wow, we’re done already? That was actually fun and the time went by so quickly!” 

I exclusively train women in a private environment so you never have to worry about being self-conscious during your workout. I believe in positive motivation and encouragement. We all know results always take work, but you don’t have to push yourself to the breaking point in order to achieve them. The best thing you can do to guarantee progress towards your goals is to consistently show up. With the double accountability of me, your trainer, and your regular work-out buddies you’ll be motivated to keep coming back and continuing to progress towards those goals. 

I’m not going to promise you rockin’ abs or size 4 pants, but what I will promise you is a body that is more capable of doing the things you love. If you’re here you probably want to move better, feel stronger, and have the stamina to live your life fully. I’m here to help you achieve that. Along the way I think you’ll feel better about the way you look and feel about your body. It’s my hope that through consistent training you realize your body is amazing for the things it has and can accomplish, not the size of the clothes you wear.

What are your credentials? 

I’ve been lifting weights and training consistently for 14 years (ask me how it changed the entire course of my life.)  I’m a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as a Nutrition Coach certified through Precision Nutrition.  I'm also a Women's Coaching Specialist and I've recently completed a course in Pre and Postnatal Coaching from Girls Gone Strong.